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How not to fall for scammers on the Kraken website

Which browser to use to access

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What you can buy on the Kraken website

Rules for using the Kraken Onion site

1. It is strictly forbidden to register accounts on Kraken or use the trading platform for persons under the age of 18;
2. It is forbidden to register accounts using nicknames similar to the nicknames of administrators or stores for the purpose of provocation;
3It is not allowed to post any type of spam - deliberately false information, prohibited content and hidden advertising;
4. It is forbidden to post child pornography, classified state information, as well as other content that will serve as a tool for committing any criminal activity;
5.Attempts to deanonymize any user with the aim of harming him for reasons of personal hostility are prohibited;
6. It is not welcome to use insults and profanity in personal messages to other users and the site administration;
7.It is forbidden to establish a direct connection between the seller and the buyer bypassing the trading platform. It is also prohibited to buy and sell bypassing the transaction system;
8. It is forbidden to use any software that can harm and its users;
9. It is forbidden to post links to third-party resources.